50 Best Happy Birthday Cake Toppers (2020)

50 Best Happy Birthday Cake Toppers (2020)

Top Trending Birthday Cake Toppers List:

birthday cake toppers

Birthday parties have quite the to-do list: choosing the theme, decorations, and activities makes the times leading up to the event appear to be a part of the celebration itself.

It needn't be elaborate—kids are going to be proud of a little party as long as they're made to feel special.

Yet even an easy party requires planning; the earlier you begin organizing, the sooner the thrill begins and therefore the fewer details you will have to figure out on the day itself.

The birthday child will likely have ideas about the type of party he wants, so involve him within the planning.

Let your child pick the theme, assist you with shopping and decorating, and participate in baking the cake. As a part of the fun, let him detect his toppers.

These are often candles that spell out his name, announce his new age, or his latest fascination with dinosaurs.

(Or, echo the metallic decorations on the table and round the room with these silvery flower- and star-shaped bases for cake candles as shown here.) Baking and decorating your child's cake (or cupcakes) is well worth the effort.

Spend time there on, and choose other foods that are easy to serve, eat, and pack up. Doing so helps opened up the anticipation; that way the main target isn't on a few of hours of one day.

Although it'd be more efficient to try it all yourself, there's pleasure in working together with your child toward a crucial goal. Plus, he'll have the reward of enjoying together with his friends the magical day he helped plan.

Here is a list of our best Kid’s Birthday party ideas, check it out and feel free to place an order. We also provide custom cake toppers!

Balloon in the sky cake Toppers:

balloon cake Toppers

Everyone loves mini balloons, so we've created these gorgeous cake balloon kits! Transform your cake into something show stopping with one among our cake balloon topper kits.


Cake balloons are an enormous trend now each day. They also work brilliantly on cupcakes.

We love the thought of using one as an area setting for a

celebration or wedding, you'll tie append with each person's name.

Circus elephant cake toppers:

elephant cake toppers:

So if you’re creating a cake for a child's birthday, maybe a baby shower or

christening cake and searching for something to embellish it with, why not add your own cute baby fondant elephant cake topper!

Gold baby shoes cake topper:

 baby shoes cake topper

The adorable baby shoes add a joy to a kid's birthday celebration.

Color them different shades and add different patterns or textures for an endless supply of personalized cake toppers!

Puppy pals cake toppers:

Puppy pals cake toppers

Parties for teenagers are fun to plan. Unlike adults, kids are so hooked in to being another year older!

The weeks leading up to their big day is filled with planning and excitement, especially for his or her birthday

celebration. Children should help with the design, starting with

theme. Many children pick themes that slot in with a well-liked movie or television program.

Pastel rainbow in the clouds:

 Pastel rainbow in the clouds:

A cute and sparkly a Rainbow Cake!

Create a fun and entertaining atmosphere for youngsters to form your
birthday extra magical.

Suit for several situations like birthday
celebration , wedding, unicorn party and rainbow themed party, lawn party , baby showers, home decoration, kids girls birthday candy , cake
decor, frozen dessert cake ornaments, weddings, baby shower,
anniversaries, party etc.

EMOJI cake kit:

 EMOJI cake kit:

Brighten up the cake with EMOJI Cake Decorating Kit..!! This EMOJI themed cake kit includes items to turn any cake into a piece of art.

The cute and colorful EMOJI theme style is nice for any children birthday celebration. Get set for a fun-filled bash with EMOJI themed cake kit.


Chubby Unicorn Cake Kit:

 Chubby Unicorn Cake Kit

With everything, you wish to bake and beautify coming straight to your door.

You’ll save time with this simple Chubby Unicorn Cake Kit. Not everybody has cake decorating things at home.

It is often expensive shopping for all the bits and items.So, we have a capability to send you exactly what you wish.

Our simple directions are designed to make it simple for those that don’t typically bake or beautify to form a delicious birthday Unicorn Cake to be pleased with.

Toy Story Cake Toppers:

 Toy Story Cake Toppers:

Going back to our childhood with exciting Toy Story Birthday Cake!!

The brilliant and bold colors on the cake make it a sure head turner at any birthday celebration.

From layered cakes that showcase multiple characters to creative cakes that highlight certain scenes and items from the films, all of those cakes are seriously so beautiful; nobody can stop himself to eat any of them.

All our cake toppers are often customized as per your needs, right down to the dimensions, shape, flavor and color.

Whether you'd wish to swap fillings or top abreast of toppings, explore our additional customization options to personalize your cake just the way you wish!!

Baby Shark Cake Kit

Baby Shark Cake Kit

Do you have a "Baby Shark"-themed party to plan for your little one's next birthday bash? You're in luck,

Because we've also "Baby Shark" cake kits to form an ideal party for your child.



Elephant Cake Kit

elephant cake kit

These cake toppers are perfect for bringing a touch fun and whimsy to your themed baby shower, bridal shower or birthday celebration.
They’re going store bought to make cakes your hand-crafted cupcakes appear
or as if million bucks.


Minnie Mouse Cake Kit

Minnie Mouse Cake Kit

Minnie Mouse is an iconic figure people know round the world.

Minnie is a component of the Disney characters and among the very first set of figures.

We also make cake toppers and cake kits on this favorite theme which will assist you in organizing an ideal party.

The cutest Minnie Mouse cake topper completes with a NAME and AGE you need; are often made in any color.

Panda Bear Cake Kit

panda cake kit

Super cute and excellent as caket oppers!! The youngsters LOVED them! The
panda bear cake toppers are perfect as an adornment for cakes, cupcakes and desserts.

Celebrate an event, feeling or moment with these adorable edible cake decorations.

The panda bear cake decorations would be great to use for cute, feel-good or celebration themed cakes or cupcake designs.

Video Game Cake Kit

Video Game Cake Kit

You will have a really beautiful theme party with this cake kit.

Kids' birthday celebration, Game School Classroom Party, First Birthday, Baby shower (can be used for teenagers and Adults)...

Zoo / Jungle Animal Cake Toppers

Decorating a jungle or zoo themed cake has never been easier!

Whether you're making jungle cupcakes for a child's birthday party, or making a cute animal model for a baby shower cake, we have plenty of options.

How to color your icing for Cake Toppers?

icing for Cake Toppers

When mixing color, always mix a small amount of color to experiment. Start with base color and then add very small amounts of secondary color. Be sure to mix enough color for the cakes to be decorated as it is difficult to match an exact color.

Icing Colors are highly concentrated, which gives frosting rich coloring without disturbing consistency. When mixing colors, make sure to use a toothpick to add just a little bit at a time to achieve the exact shade of color you’re after.

Learn more about how to color icings and frostings perfectly with our complete guide of coloring tips.

Coral color with combination: 2 parts Creamy Peach & 1 part Pink or Orange & 1 part Pink.

Raspberry Pink with color combination: 1 part Pink & 1 part Red-Red

Maroon color with color combination 1 part Burgundy & 1 part Red-Red

Rust Orange with color combination: 1 part Orange, 1 part Red-Red & 1 part Brown

Marigold with color combination: 1 part Lemon Yellow & 1 part Orange

Warm gold with color combination: 2 parts Golden Yellow & 1 part Brown

Chartreuse with color combination: 9 parts Yellow Lemon, 1 part Leaf Green

Jade green with color combination: 2 parts Leaf Green, 2 parts Royal Blue & 1 part Black

Misty green with color combination: 1 parts Leaf Green, 1 parts Royal Blue & 1/2 part Black

Avocado green with color combination: 1 part Moss Green color

Moss green with color combination: 1 part Moss Green color or 1 part Violet & 1 part Lemon Yellow

Dark green with color combination: 2 parts Kelly Green & 1 part Black

Periwinkle with color combination: 1 part Royal Blue & 1 part Violet

Turquoise with color combination: 1 part Sky Blue & 1 part Lemon Yellow

Navy blue with color combination: 1 part Royal Blue & 1 part Black

Lavender with color combination: 1 part Pink & 1 part Violet

Mauve with color combination: 2 parts Burgundy & 1 part Black

Mull berry with color combination: 2 parts Rose & 1 part Royal Blue

Dark purple with color combination: 2 parts Violet & 1 part Christmas Red

Gray with color combination: 1 part Black to white frosting

Black with color combination: 1 part Black color or 1 part Royal Blue, 1 part Christmas Red, 1 part Orange & 1 part Lemon Yellow

Why Cake Toppers?

Events are a great excuse to have a cake and eat it too. Far from the days when one size cake fit all, modern event confections are as much an exercise in artistry and personality as they are in taste.

Bright and bold, pastel or plain, delicate or ruffled … they serve as genuine showstoppers on a day when looks come to the fore. And part of their growing appeal has been the rise of artistic cake toppers, a must-have accent that gives truth to the idea good things come in small packages.

Once upon a time, most popular items were novelty ceramic cake toppers, but during the past year tastes have switched to be very much focused on the acrylic toppers.

Part of that appeal is the adaptability of the material, which can be transformed into everything from love hearts and love birds to silhouette-style brides and grooms and favorite words and phrases.

The wonderful thing with acrylic toppers is they’re just so versatile. You can do them in glitter, you can match them to colors, you can make them transparent and you can even personalize them. So you can have your own message or you own name featured, which means the whole trend

around personalizing your event can be completely bought to a cake now without having to spend a fortune.

It also ties in perfectly to the ever-evolving style and personality that is the cake on special events.

Then, with unique and bespoke cake toppers, it really adds that final perfect touch.

It doesn’t matter whether your styling is gold glitter right through to something simple like an aqua; you can virtually cover all colors. You can also play with fonts and messages, whether it’s featuring your names or initials or coming up with a unique welcome for guests.

Then there are diamante and rhinestone toppers, which feature monogrammed letters with a hefty dose of sparkle. These are particularly popular with a simple cake, where you want to add a bit of bling. So you can have the two initials with an ampersand or a heart in the center and they look amazing and photograph superbly.

Basically, if you can dream it, we can make it with acrylics.