DIY Piggie Cupcakes

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These are gumpaste/ fondant cupcake topper sets. We use only the finest gumpaste products and supplies.

They are $10 per dozen

set: 12 eyes 6 noses 12 ears 6 tails

I normally have a 3 day turn around on creating you a beautiful product, but we have many sets ready to ship now! Shipping: Within the U.S. there is a 5-7 day turn around, expedited shipping I'd available. Outside of the U.S. there is a 10-12 day turn around, expedited shipping is available.

*please make sure to order your topper atleast 2 weeks advance in the U.S. and atleast 3 weeks in advance outside the U.S.

Disclaimer: Although these are made out of gumpaste which is edible. There are items in our toppers that are not edible such as toothpicks and popsicle sticks making them for decoration only. If you eat it that's on you!